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Jul 10, 2009

TAG Time

I wasn't tag by anyone to do this but I have seen this questioner posted in so many other blogs I figured why not do it too.

  1. Things you cannot leave the house without?? my purse and keys.

  2. Favorite brand of makeup?? really I can't chose just one! stila, mac, loreal, urban decay.

  3. Favorite flower?? lilacs color purple and smells so good.

  4. Favorite clothing store?? H&M and forever 21.

  5. Favorite Perfume?? again can't chose just one but for now I am love with NINA RICCI smells like summer.

  6. DO you make good grades?? yes I do but lately I been fucking up blame it on summer who wants to stay home and study.

  7. Favorite colors?? purple, pink, turquoise,brown..

  8. Heels or flats?? flats I need comfort. What a minute I love heels to WTF! a girl cannot chose their both equally a most have :p

  9. Do you drink energy drinks?? yuk I hate them.

  10. Do you drink juice?? DUH who doesn't drink juice.

  11. Do you like swimming?? no can't swim

  12. Do you eat fries with a fork?? sometimes I like to keep my fingers clean.

  13. Favorite Moisturizer ?? Face - Mary Kay timewise age moisturizer. Body - Lubriderm daily moisturizer lotion.

  14. Do you get mad easily?? ONLY when I'm on the rag.

  15. Are you into ghost hunting?? NO

  16. Any phobias?? Heights and ugly looking bugs especially water bugs I see one and I totally freak out :*(

  17. Do you bite your nails?? only when I'm nervous or really mad.

  18. Have you ever had a near death experience?? When I was a little girl me and my mom was held at gun point some fuckers rob us that's what happens when you live in Brooklyn. In my teen I fell off a motorcycle while in motion lucky I didn't even had a scratch on me, then Fell down a huge flight of stairs again not even a scratch dam I could have broke my neck again not even a scratch. I think I have angel protecting me.

  19. Do you drink coffee?? I'm addicted to the stuff hot or cold luv this stuff.

Hey lovely followers join in on this tag ;)

OK ladies its Friday TGIF! so I leave you hot mamas with my pic of the day wanna be Betty Boo inspired look. USED tinted moisturizer, black eyeliner use it on top and bottom. lots of black mascara, tea rose color lipstick done I'm outta here. Heading out to the mall try not to buy anything from the mac shit is so expensive most compose myself. Enjoy the weekend ladies xoxo etc...