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Jul 3, 2009

My NYX Collection

From left to right order- chocolate moose(17), Apricot(19), Cafe Latte(24), Pinky Natural(26), Whipped(28), Sorbet(30), Real Nude(34).

Colors in order left to right - Iris(501), Circe(522), Ulysses(523), Thalia(529),Indian Pink(550), Creamy Beige(552), B52(565), Strawberry Milk(595), Sunflower(638).

You can purchase NYX products at www.cherryculture.com
My favorite lipsticks colors are Thalia and B52. Lip gloss Whipped and Cafe Latte. NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils Yogurt and Gold these are my favorites from the bunch <3