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Apr 11, 2010

I Learn To Spread My Wings And March To The Beat Of My Own Drum.

During these past few months of my life I been able to find myself. Though I have been absent from blogger & I'm sorry for keeping my followers waiting :*( but I found my post to be somewhat superficial. I do enjoy makeup, fashion all that is still my interest, but there is so much more to me then what I bought from Mac or any other cosmetic or clothing store. I mean really who gives a shit. Of course I will from time to time post about girlie things because I am a girl but I'm also a woman with so much more so express. Why be like every other chick that blogs only about makeup. Not that I'm saying there is anything wrong with it, I do still follow blogs like that. Anyway enough said this is my blog new and improve and true to the bitch I'm really am. Take it or leave it but I do hope you guys stick around.
Always a blogger
ladyortiz xo