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Sep 22, 2009

Whats is IN and What is OUT (for me fall 2009)


  1. EYELINER cateye look all the way how I miss you over the summer.
  2. BOOTS looking for a new pair of high boots colors black and grey maybe even red so sexy.
  3. SMOKEY EYESHADOW I don't care if its not in style anymore love the way it makes my eyes look I get mucho compliments.
  4. HAIR EXTENSIONS not looking for long locks I just want a long bob cut I cut my hair in layers a few months back and shit still ain't long enough for the look I want so hair extensions to the rescue.
  5. DARK HAIR COLOR back to beautiful dark browns and reds thinking of going soft black something about that color always draws me back (even though its a pain to go light again please note) I find dark hair to be more sexy then blonde's my personal opinion of course.
  6. BIKER JACKET is a must have this season you must have seen it all over the stores rather plaid or leather you can just dress it up with an nice pencil shirt for work then at night with a pair of leggings and hooker boots.
  7. FULL MAKEUP no more hot summer days so now we can finally play with all my makeup.


  1. SANDALS say bye bye to all your summer shoes no really ladies please don't wear them in the fall kind of tacky (expect for you west coast bitches so lucky)
  2. SUMMER DRESSES only expect able if pair with a sweater and over 68 degrees.
  3. LIGHT COLOR EYE SHADOWS just don't like it in the cold months time to play up dark colors like plums and sapphire blue.
  4. BODY MIST time to find yourself a nice smelling perfume in the summer its just to strong.
  5. LIGHT MOISTURIZER looking for a new face and body moisturizer for the colder months my skin tends to feel more dry and will start to peal if I don't use a moisturizer for dry skin.
  6. NO MORE SHORT NAILS time for acrylic because my nails are disgustingly short man looking hands is no bueno.

whats your in and outs followers and readers thanks 4 reading xoxo etc....

Sep 9, 2009

Are You Good-Girl or Bad-Girl ???

Good Girls Vs Bad Girls

Good girls say "thanks for a wonderful dinner"... Bad girls say, "what’s for breakfast?

Good girls never go after another girl’s man... Bad girls go after him AND his brother.

Good girls wear white cotton panties... Bad girls don’t wear any.

Good girls wax their floors... Bad girls wax their bikini lines.

Good girls loosen a few buttons when it’s hot... Bad girls make it hot by loosening a few buttons.

Good girls make chicken for dinner... Bad girls make reservations

Good girls blush during bedrooms scenes in movies... Bad girls know they could do better

Good girls never consider sleeping with the boss... Bad girls never do either, unless he’s very, very rich.

Good girls believe they’re not fully dressed without a strand of pearls... Bad girls believe that they are fully dressed with JUST a strand of pearls.

Good girls love Italian food... Bad girls love Italian waiters.

Good girls prefer the missionary position... Bad girls do too-when acting out a "virgin" fantasy

Good girls pack their toothbrush... Bad girls pack their diaphragms.

Good girls save for a rainy day... Bad girls save for a Chanel suit.

Good girls own only one credit card and rarely use it... Bad girls own only one bra and rarely use it.

Good girls wear high heels to work... Bad girls wear high heels to bed.

Good girls think the office is the wrong place to have a romance... Bad girls think NO place is the wrong place.

Good girls have stocks... Bad girls have stockbrokers.

Good girls collect silk shirts... Bad girls collect chiffon teddies.

Good girls just say no... Bad girls just say when.

Good girls never do "it" on the first date... Bad girls wait to see what kind of car he’s driving.

Good girls read best-sellers... Bad girls sleep with their authors.

Good girls write condolence notes... Bad girls marry the widower.

By anisha Published: 2/26/2002 from buzzie.com

want to find out if your a good girl or bad girl take the quiz below

Quiz: Are You Good-Girl Hot or Bad-Girl Hot?

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